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Gundam Series and Model Kits

There are many Gundam model series to collect from, and some of the most popular series are the Gundam Wing series, Gundam Unicorn series, Universal Century series, Double O (00) series and the Seed and Seed Destiny series. Each series has lots of cool looking mobile suits to choose from.

Gundam Wing Series

The Gundam Wing series has been available for a very long time! It’s one of the oldest and most popular series known worldwide, especially in Asian countries where the TV series was aired. A mobile suit with eagle like wings as the protagonist is one of the most popular models available which is known as Gundam Wing. The model is available in various grades and model variations.

They revamped the older Gundam Wing model kits and produced new ones which have the Endless Waltz (EW) tag on the box. The EW kits have been redesigned by Katoki Hajime and include a generous amount of decals.

One of the most popular Perfect Grade models is the Gundam Wing Zero Custom, which brags a set of angelic wings. How awesome is that? Another great kit is the Gundam Heavy Arms model, which has crazy heavy duty armaments.

where to buy gundam model kits

Master Grade Heavy Arms EW (without decals applied)

Gundam Unicorn Series

The Gundam Unicorn series is special because it is not a TV series but a very long running movie series that has spent years in the making, releasing a movie from time to time. This series has one of the best mobile suit designs, which include the protagonist’s Gundam Unicorn and the antagonist’s red comet Sinanju mobile suit. Even the grunt units have awesome designs!

Painted High Grade Unicorn Destroy Mode

Painted High Grade Unicorn Destroy Mode

The Universal Century Series

You’ll readily know that the kit is under the Universal Century series because they have the HG Universal Century (UC) tag on the box followed by the model number of its series below. The UC tag is usually depicted in a gold background with black text.

The Universal Century series is the oldest series which includes the father of all Gundam and the most popular—RX-78 Gundam. This is the same model as the life-size Gundam that is displayed in Odaiba, Japan. RX-78 Gundam is an iconic figure in the Gundam world, you just can’t miss having at least one RX-78 Gunpla model in your collection!

The Gundam Double O Series

This series has a more mature storyline and is one of the most serious of the Gundam series. Kids might have trouble appreciating the story, but the Gundams and Mobile Suits featured in it are still awesome and cool! The most popular model in this series is Gundam Exia and its variants, especially the Double 00 Raiser variant which is available in Perfect Grade.

Painted Master Grade Gundam 00 Seven Swords

Painted Master Grade Gundam 00 Seven Swords

The Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny Series

They re-mastered this anime series in early 2000's. Just looking at one of the main protagonist’s suit, Strike Freedom Gundam, is enough to know why it is a popular kit in the series! Other popular kits in this series include Freedom Gundam, Destiny Gundam, Aile Strike Gundam and many more!

Master Grade Strike Freedom

Master Grade Strike Freedom

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